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What Can We Do?

Recent studies in climate change & global warming have established that while CO2 remains the primary contributor, Methane is also a key greenhouse gas contributing to 36% of the total greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming. Today a major part of the organic waste generated in cities is disposed using landfills. The decomposition of organic waste in unscientific landfill causes huge amount of Methane emissions to the atmosphere & also contaminates the ground water.One of the studies state that emissions from the landfills contributes to nearly 70% of Methane in the atmosphere.

The scientific community across the world has accepted that biogas generation from organic waste as one of the best scientific methods of treating organic waste & generating green energy. Biogas is primarily a mixture of Methane (CH4) & Carbon-di-oxide(CO2) gases with traces of other gases. Of this mixture,Methane is a great source of green energy due to its very high calorific value only comparable to Natural gas & Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). Methane rich biogas can be used as a cooking fuel instead of LPG or it can also be used as an input for power generation. The other byproduct from the biogas process – the digested sluury can be used as a nutrient rich liquid bio-fertiliser for enriching the soil . Thus, you can generate green energy as well as bio-fertiliser from your organic waste & turn it into a valuable resource while you manage its disposal in a scientific manner.

By employing our well optimized solution like ‘EcoDigester for generating biogas from your organic waste’ you are contributing directly to reduction in global warming.



EcoDigester has emerged as one of the best waste treatment technology option for generating methane rich biogas from organic wastes. The biogas generated by EcoDigester replaces conventional non-renewable energy sources such as LPG/ Grid Power and empowers you to turn your organic waste into a profitable green revenue stream rather than view it as a liability.

EcoDigester is a patented bio-conversion technology specifically developed for converting the organic waste into Methane rich Biogas & liquid bio-fertiliser. EcoDigester is an innovation of continuous research & development effort of over 6+ years. The design, engineering & construction of the EcoDigester is specifically optimized for treating food waste.  Unlike other organic waste sources, food waste due to its fast paced biodegradability poses unique challenges for bio-conversion process. However, EcoDigester has a proven track record of generating biogas from food waste & other organic wastes over 4+ years while other solutions claiming technological superiority have failed to demonstrate the committed performance.

Why EcoDigester?

  • Innovative portable technology to implement scientific food waste management at the source.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint & enables you to contribute to reducing global warming
  • Efficient biogas generation increases your energy conservation opportunity thus helping you reduce your carbon footprint
  • Consumption of  less water for the process adds to your sustainability quotient
  • Complete peace of mind as EcoDigester is known for providing the committed outcomes

EcoDigester is designed to provide excellent biogas generation performance & process stability. It harvests over 2x+ times the quantity of biogas compared to the conventional biogas plants deployed today.  While many of these solutions are fresh water guzzlers, yet another valuable resource, the bio-conversion process using EcoDigester requires only a fraction of amount of water needed by a conventional biogas plant. 

EcoDigester is solution of choice for food waste/organic waste management in large corporates, canteens, resorts, hotels, community kitchens & residential complexes. It is an effective decentralized food waste management solution employed at the source of waste generation.The decentralized waste management is an optimized strategy advocated by waste management experts as it avoids handling & transportation logistic & associated costs of transporting waste to a central treatment facility.

EcoDigester Features

  • 2X+ Biogas generation potential compared to conventional plants

  • Portable biogas system that supports relocation & transportation

  • Completely enclosed system- no odor and leakages

  • IoT based remote monitoring

  • Up to 60% lesser water consumption compared to conventional plants

  • Insulated & temperature controlled for consistent and optimum biogas output

  • Microcontroller based control system for automated operations

  • Operational performance insights through Intutive dashboards



Waste Treated


Kgs of Food waste treated so far!

Energy Saved

Kgs of LPG Equivalent fuel

Environmental Impact

Tons of Co2 Emissions avoided on account of Methane capture

At Ecopositive we…

  • Help you shape a better world for the people & the planet through our flagship technology innovation EcoDigester. That’s why at Eco Positive we are optimistic about the Green future.
  • Focus on innovations that help you reduce water usage & energy required for organic waste treatement & make the air we breathe cleaner.
  • Turn an idea of organic waste management at its source into a practical reality.
  • Are committed to continuous R&D to improve the efficiency of the solution & improve automation to ease the operations & optimize the costs.

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"Not only has the EcoDigester™ saved cost of wet waste management and disposal by Rs. 3000/- per month, cooking fuel cost too has reduced as we generate cooking gas equivalent to Rs. 5000/- per month."

Dr. Bhat

IAIM- Bengaluru

“In a day, 3-4 kg of gas is produced out of 30-45 kg of food waste, which gives us 3 or 4 cylinders a month,”
Featured in :“An Eco Positive drive to greener pastures”- Business Line- 16th Nov 2015"

KK Ghosh

Director - Admin, JNI, Bengaluru


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